How to send multiple Hamiltonians through Bloqade (Bracket not allowed)

Thanks everyone for their previous efforts.

I cannot use Amazon bracket and only can send jobs through Bloqade
HTTP. I am having issues with the following

  1. I get result emails with .json file that ignore my notes that I send at the time of the submission.

  2. Do not mention the total time of the execution in the .json files.

  3. How to send multiple Hamiltonians at multiple times in a single job?

  4. Is there any result processing tutorial on why my pre-sequence state is always 1,1,1,1,… state and the meaning/physics associated.


Hi Ammar,

  1. Currently the results are just the results that come directly from the machine and that metadata isn’t allowed to be passed into the QPU. We’re working on a way to add that metadata back into the results file after they have been processed and retrieved.

  2. Similar issue as 1. The execution time is not provided in the results file, but the shot rate is very consistent, so you can calculate it because a shot rate is roughly 3 Hz. Any wait time between submitting and getting the results back is related to the job queue.

  3. You can’t do this; our machine does not support it, even for our Braket service.

  4. The pre-sequence state is not always [1,1,1,1,1…] Sometimes there will be a 0, but this is very rare, so you won’t see it very often. The meaning of this is the state of the atoms before running the quantum program, so if you see a 1 you can be sure an atom was loaded into the trap while if it is 0 you know that there was no atom for that particular run.