Comprehensive white paper about Aquila, our 256-qubit machine

This new paper on ArXiv is a “must read” for those that want to know how the 256-qubit Aquila neutral-atom computer works and what to do with it. It is a comprehensive document covering the fundamentals and intricacies of neutral atom computing: key ingredients of neutral atom computing, the Rydberg Hamiltonian, and dominant sources of error. It then continues with five powerful examples:

  • Single-qubit dynamics
  • Many-qubit dynamics
  • Many-body ordered phases
  • Many-body quantum scars
  • Maximum independent set on unit disk graphs

Aquila is currently the largest publicly-accessible computer in the world, and this paper provides an inside, in-depth look. [2306.11727] Aquila: QuEra's 256-qubit neutral-atom quantum computer