Bloqade with Python

I did a successful test of JuliaCall, so Pythonistas ought to be able to use Bloqade from the comfort of Python. I sought it out so I can still access Aquila through qBraid, because I don’t yet have a way to access Aquila through qBraid using Julia.

do you think this could be a solution to a problem I experience w/ Braket, namely crash during evolution for a larger ( than ~10) number of atoms and a small integration step of 10ns for evolution time of 4 us?
In other words, if I prepare the driving fields using Braket, in the form of 4 lists, as defined in Braket:
Can I pass those 4 lists from Python to Bloqade + atoms positions, run evolution in Julia, and get back probabilities for the final state in Python for post processing?

I’ve only gotten as far as a successful initial test, but I would be very interested in the outcome of your experiment if you try it.